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With a need to reinvent the John Lewis in-store experience amidst the age of e-commerce, the challenge is to create compelling reasons for customers to visit physical stores.


We introduced Sensory Prescriptions® to guide design development, orchestrating a sensory and emotional journey for customers within each department. Our cross-modal design strategy delivers diverse sensory atmospheres that encourage exploration, reward curiosity, and heighten emotional connections. Our research highlighted the power of nature to positively influence customer well-being and inspire approach motivation.

We prioritized inclusivity, considering sensory sensitivities and neurodivergent conditions, employing a neuroscientific cross-modal approach to create more accessible environments.

In designated brand areas, customized soundscapes, scents, and sensory elements foster trust, interaction, and a welcoming ambiance, reinforcing the John Lewis brand identity.


The launch of the new John Lewis concept store in Horsham, rooted in our multi-sensory approach, has demonstrated remarkable success. A trial period indicated increases in foot traffic, extended dwell times, heightened customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boosted sales. Plans are underway to replicate this sensory-driven model in flagship locations and nationwide.